Local Lead Inspectors are licensed by the Ohio Department of Health as Clearance Technicians, Lead Inspectors, and Lead Risk Assessors. As a courtesy, those registered locally with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department to do lead-safe ordinance inspections are listed below. PLEASE NOTE THESE INSPECTORS ARE NOT EMPLOYED BY THE CITY OF TOLEDO.

To update your information on this list, please Contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: All those listed here are able to perform the inspection for the Toledo Lead-Safe Ordinance. However, based upon required experience, training, and state licensure, ONLY Lead Risk Assessors can evaluate and advise the property owner of potential lead hazards, remedies, and conduct pre-inspections.

Name Phone Email License Description License # Expire Date Website Insured?
AlKhair, Ishaq 419-279-4270 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8882 9/27/24
Brown, TIffany 419-771-0247 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8951 5/4/25
Atherton, Robert 419-309-2330 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8736 6/9/23
Bargy III, William 419-727-9595 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8682 6/4/23
Blakeman, Tim 567-806-5669 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8686 3/22/25
Bond, Stevan 419-973-9862 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8779 7/12/23
Bradley, Nicholas 419-466-2349 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8745 12/2/23
Bradley, Jacquelyn 419-350-5538 Clearance Technician CT8746 10/23/23
Brumbaugh, Brett 419-382-9574 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA000535 1/26/24 Y
Conners, Raymond 419-870-9843 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9410 5/15/23
D’Agostino, Nicholas 330-259-2004 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9557 8/5/24 Y
Fletcher, Casaundra 866-665-3230 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8680 1/3/24
Frager, Haley 419-806-0715 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9401 3/18/25 manniksmithgroup.com Y
Fritz, Eric 567-868-2355 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9566 1/27/25
Fry, Joshuah David 419-537-6000 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9573 1/20/25 haz-corp.com Y
Gergich, Zachary 419-290-8546 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8865 8/15/24
Glesser, Richard 989-858-0528 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9415 6/10/23
Greenwade, Christopher 419-508-4441 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8904 10/05/24
Hannum, Cindy 419-283-0069 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8704 5/23/24
Huckaby, Arlene 567-315-9818 [email protected] Lead Risk Accessor LA9617 8/20/23
Huckaby, William 567-315-9818 [email protected] Lead Risk Accessor LA9618 8/20/23
Jones, Vanessa 567-200-0550 [email protected] Lead Inspector LI9191 7/12/23
Jordon, Molly 419-537-6000 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9565 11/20/24 haz-corp.com Y
LeFevre, Tammy 419-283-3101 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9403 3/14/25
Long, Charles 419-537-6000 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA007439 3/31/24 haz-corp.com Y
Lucius, Karen 419-460-1310 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8706 5/11/25
Madison, Anita 419-450-1301 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8885 9/27/24 armconsultingservices.com
Madrzykowski, Eugene 419-367-3250 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8701 4/26/25
Schmidt, Michelle 419-343-7486 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8905 10/05/24 https://toledoleadsafepainters.com/
Martinez, Tito 419-376-5630 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9459 5/8/24
McVicker, Kevin 419-503-8434 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8880 9/21/24
Mersing, Courtney 419-410-1056 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8691 3/25/25
Moody, Carla 216-799-1000 [email protected] Clearance Technician LA007991 4/16/25 hazardsyesterday.com
Moore, Nicholas 216-288-7443 [email protected] Lead Inspector LI008835 9/26/23
Myers, David 419-283-3283 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8669 6/29/23
Nadolny, Tom 419-478-9684 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8692 3/5/25
Nagy, Michael 419-392-1955 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8739 9/27/23
Parks, Anton 419-215-8033 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8911 10/20/24
Penn, LaTorian 419-269-8282 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8720 4/26/23
Rixey, William 419-578-0555 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA-9581 4/3/25
Rometo, Art 419-279-7593 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8741 1/6/24
Ross, Kayla 567-686-5453
[email protected]
Clearance Technician CT8914 11/2/24
Schmidt, Brent 419-343-7486 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8758 3/18/25 toledoleadsafepainters.com Y
Scott, Hunter 216-313-7209 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9400 3/25/23 scottsenvironmental.com Y
Serlin, Robert 419-460-3632 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9539 4/26/24 ttlassoc.com Y
Staczek, Gerald 419-690-6341 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9461 9/28/24
Sullivan, Daniel 419-902-4121 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA000324 11/12/24
Thomas, Tonette 419-250-3918 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8683 11/14/23
Vogelpohl, Sara 419-214-5090 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA007660 5/11/23 ttlassoc.com Y
Vogt, Jon 734-410-5490 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8693 2/17/24
Weaver, Anthony 419-290-9548 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9513 8/21/23 leadpaintdetectives.com Y
Welch, Andrew 419-290-0219 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8707 6/3/23
Willis, Odell 833.822-7827 [email protected] Lead Risk Assessor LA9464 9/10/24
Hamilton, Susan 614-665-5828 [email protected] Clearance Technician (CT) CT8910 10/20/24
Young, Cindy 419-356-9649 [email protected] Clearance Technician (CT) CT8713 8/13/23
Young, Derrick 419-407-0452 [email protected] Clearance Technician CT8783 7/21/23