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Lead-Safe Certificate Application


If your rental unit has passed inspection by a Local Lead Inspector, then you may apply for your Lead-Safe Certificate from the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department online by using this form and paying the fee with your credit card. The Lead-Safe Certificate may also be downloaded for printing and mailing to the Health Department with a $25.00 check.

If you have not passed a lead-safe inspection and are seeking to register your rental with the Lucas County Auditor, that can be done online or also via mail. You must register your rental with the Lucas County Auditor before you fill out this Lead-Safe Certificate application below.

If you have completed an inspection or lead-safe certificate under a previous ordinance, that work is grandfathered in. Previously issued lead-safe certificates will be reissued to you in the mail and there is nothing more you need to do. Previous inspections that an owner did not receive a certificate for, should be submitted using the form below; simply upload the passing inspection report. You do not need to pay for a new inspection. All grandfathered in 5-year certificates will expire on 10/20/2025.

Step-by-step instructions are available on the For Owners page. Please review those before applying here.

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