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As an owner of a 1-4-unit residential rental property or family childcare home in Toledo, Ohio that was built before 1978, you are required to have your property inspected and certified lead-safe under TMC 1760 “Residential Rental Properties and Lead Safety Compliance” also known as the Toledo Lead Ordinance. This requirement is being phased-in by census tract over several compliance deadlines.

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Step-by-Step for Lead-Safe Compliance

Step 1: Register your rental property with the Lucas County Auditor. (Family childcare homes skip this step.)

Ohio Revised Code 5323 set the rental registry requirement before the local ordinance was created. The City of Toledo has partnered with the Auditor to help enforce the registry within Toledo after June 30th, 2021.

Step 2: Hire a Local Lead Inspector.

The lead-safe ordinance is being phased-in over the next five years. Before your property’s deadline, you must have it inspected by a Local Lead Inspector and certified as lead-safe by applying to the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department.

Local Lead Inspectors are licensed by the Ohio Department of Health as Clearance Technicians, Lead Inspectors, or Lead Risk Assessors, and they have registered to do this work with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department. We provide an updated list of actively registered Local Lead Inspectors who wish to market their services to owners.

We strongly recommend that property owners verify the credentials of a Local Lead Inspector to assure they are insured, though insurance is not required by law to do this work. We make no guarantees on insurance coverage of Local Lead Inspectors. They are not City employees or contracted by the City of Toledo in any way.

Step 3: Prepare your property for inspection.

Most often, basic painting updates and cleaning will help a rental owner pass their inspection. But if you need additional help, the City of Toledo has programs available to help you. Scroll down for grant program information.

Step 4: Apply for a Lead-Safe Certificate.

Once you have your passing lead-safe report from your Local Lead Inspector, you may apply for your certificate online or by print-and-mail.

Step 5: Repeat every 5 or 20 years.

Most lead-safe certificates are valid for 5 years, but in the case of full abatement or proof that a property contains no lead-based paint, 20-year certificates are available. A property’s lead-safe certificate status is publicly available on our Lead-Safe Map.

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Funding is Available!

The City of Toledo Department of Neighborhoods currently has two grant programs available to help owners become lead-safe:

  • Early Bird Matching Grant: created to help rental owners and family childcare home operators become compliant with Toledo’s new Lead Ordinance. This grant will reimburse 50% of most compliance-related costs, up to $5,000 per unit.

  • Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grant: designed to assist eligible homeowners and landlords in the identification and remediation of lead hazards in eligible units within the City of Toledo. Under this program, the City coordinates and manages the assessment and any abatement-related work. Owner-occupants may receive up to $16,000 of assistance, and rental owners can receive up to $14,000. CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING MORE APPLICATIONS

The State of Ohio also has programs and incentives for owners to become lead-safe:

Community partners working to protect children by preventing lead poisoning.

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