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The Department of Housing and Community Development has created this grant to help property owners become compliant with Toledo Municipal Code Chapter 1760 Residential Rental Properties and Lead Safety Compliance (“Lead Ordinance”). Early Bird Matching Grants are designed to incentivize owners to comply early in the ordinance’s 5-year phase-in to improve the health and well-being of tenants and avoid costly fines.

Funding for this grant is from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). Owners who are qualified may receive up to 50% of certain costs to become compliant under the Lead Ordinance as a reimbursable matching grant, up to a maximum of $5,000 per unit.

Funds are limited, so grants are awarded to eligible applicants on a first-come, first-serve basis.

WE ARE NO LONGER EXCEPTING APPLICATIONS, as funds are exhausted. Be sure to check back in the near future.

The Basics

1. Owner pays for and completes any work to prepare the unit for a local lead inspection.
2. Owner passes inspection and receives their Lead-Safe Certificate.
3. Owner submits for Early Bird Matching Grant.
4. The City of Toledo reimburses up to 50% of approved costs, up to $5,000 per unit.

Property must...

  • be compliant with TMC 1760 Lead Ordinance, meaning the unit has successfully passed a Local Lead Inspection, received a Lead-Safe Certificate (5 or 20 years) from the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, and is actively registered with up to date information on the Lucas County Auditor’s Rental Registry,
  • in the case of rental properties:
    • be rented for rates not exceeding the HUD Fair Market Rate table below,
    • have tenants with annual income less than 80% Area Median Income according to the HUD table below, or be currently vacant with an agreement to rent to tenants with income less than 80% AMI,
    • if in a multi-unit structure, at least half of the units must be rented to 80% AMI or below tenants.

Applicant must...

  • complete any work necessary to achieve Lead-Safe Certificate compliance utilizing HUD’s Safe Work Practices,
  • be the owner of record according to the Lucas County Auditor’s AREIS database and able to provide proof of ownership in the case of title held by corporation, trustee, etc.,
  • in the case of family childcare homes, the owner-occupant must have under 80% AMI,
  • if grant is awarded,
    • complete a W-9 (for tax purposes; please consult with a certified accountant to understand your tax liabilities with this grant),
    • complete the City’s Vendor Registration form (required to be issued a check),
    • sign a grant agreement with the City,
    • in the case of rental properties, agree to continue rental rates at or below the aforementioned Fair Market Rate and rent to tenants with annual income less than 80% AMI for the next year,
    • in the case of family childcare homes, agree to continue occupying the property for the next year.

Available Funds

Applicants must show that they meet the eligibility requirements in order to receive a grant that will reimburse them for up to 50% of most compliance costs. A maximum match of $5,000 per unit is available until all available funds are exhausted.

Required Documentation

In addition to the application form, you will be required to submit:

  1. Proof of payment of all costs for which you are seeking 50% reimbursement. This includes contractor invoices showing paid in full, copies of checks, and credit card receipts for any expenses for which you are seeking reimbursement.
  2. If a rental, a rent schedule or active lease agreement that shows the property is rented at or below HUD’s Fair Market Rates (see table above).
  3. If occupied, include certification of tenant’s (or owner’s in the case of family childcare homes) annual income below 80% AMI (see table above). Download and print the Occupant Income Verification form and include it with all required documentation.

How to Apply

Applications are open now and will be reviewed until funds are exhausted. Remaining applicants will be placed upon a waitlist for future funding. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. We encourage you to submit your applications as soon as possible to qualify for an award.



50% of most costs incurred by the owner to become compliant with the Lead Ordinance are reimbursable under this grant, excluding taxes or fees. Proof of payment is required for reimbursement. Some examples of costs that can be reimbursed under this grant include:

  • clearance exam performed by a licensed clearance technician, lead inspector, or lead risk assessor,
  • painting materials,
  • basic ground coverings such as mulch for bare soil around the dripline of a property,
  • a lead risk assessment by a licensed lead risk assessor,
  • work performed by a licensed lead abatement contractor to remediate lead in a property through abatement or interim controls,
  • work performed by an EPA-certified RRP contractor to control potential lead hazards in a property.

Please note, all lead hazard control work done must be performed utilizing HUD’s Safe Work Practices. If you are found in violation of any of these safe work practices, no grant will be awarded and additional fines/penalties may occur. Please download and review the Fact Sheet for information on what HUD requires for safe work practices. You may perform work with the presumption lead paint is present. You are not required to get a pre-work lead test.

We cannot reimburse an owner’s own “sweat equity” hours or the $25 fee for the Lead-Safe certificate. If you are unsure if a cost you have is covered, you may contact the Lead Safe Coordinator who is managing this grant.

Any costs incurred in the year 2020 and after will be accepted under this grant until funds are exhausted.

The Department of Neighborhoods has many resources available to owners who wish to make improvements on their properties, including other lead-based paint abatement grants. Please visit us at or call to discuss your specific situation and how Neighborhoods can help, 419-245-1400.

YES! This rule has changed to allow more opportunities for rental owners. You can now combine both grants if you exceed the maximum allowable amount under the Lead Hazard Control Grant and must supply an owner contribution. This Early Bird Matching Grant will be available at the end to reimburse you for 50% (up to $5,000) of that contribution. The Department of Neighborhoods' team will work to coordinate both grants with you.

You will be contacted by the Lead Safe Coordinator after a review of your application. Match grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, contingent on available funds.

All lead hazard control work done must be performed utilizing HUD’s Safe Work Practices. If you are found in violation of any of these safe work practices, no grant will be awarded and additional fines/penalties may occur. Please download and review the Fact Sheet for information on what HUD requires for safe work practices. We recommend you take photos before, during, and after any work for verification of safe work practices.

We recommend you hire only lead abatement contractors, RRP-certified lead paint contractors, and lead inspectors that are fully licensed and insured and do your due diligence in hiring. Please visit the For Owners page of this site for information on hiring local lead workers.

As a property owner, you must also follow housing code and any applicable laws when you hire or self-perform renovation work on your property. You may be asked to submit copies of licenses, permits, photos, or other verification that work has been performed in a professional, workmanlike manner under this grant.

This is a reimbursement grant. You will pay all costs upfront and apply for reimbursement. We will review the documents for eligibility, contact you regarding your award agreement or any issues with your application, and then reimburse you for 50% of approved work up to a maximum of $5,000 per unit.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until grant funds are exhausted. Grants are awarded to eligible applicants on a first-come, first-serve basis. In the event that complete, eligible applications are received on the same business day and a tie-breaking decision must be made, properties will be prioritized based upon the timeline of census tracts of the 5-year ordinance phase-in (i.e. properties in census tracts with earlier compliance dates will take precedence over later compliance dates) and remaining applicants will be placed on a waitlist.

You will be contacted by the Department of Neighborhoods regarding any issues with your application and given an opportunity to resubmit. The first-come, first-serve award basis begins upon receipt of a completed, eligible application.

All properties in Lucas County have a parcel number. You can find this at the Auditor’s AREIS website and searching for your property. In the upper left you will find the 7-digit parcel ID.

Rental Registry information is searchable on our Lead-Safe Map.

Tenant agreement to participate is essential to the application. You can encourage tenants by detailing the improvements to lead-safety that this application may bring. Some rental owners incentivize tenant participation by passing along the savings from this grant in the form of a gift card.

Often tenants are unsure about providing specific household and financial information to an owner or a government program. You can let them know that this information is only used to ensure occupants meet with the income requirements. If tenants are uncomfortable providing the rental owner with their income information, this can be submitted (by them) directly to the Department of Neighborhoods, Lead Safe Coordinator.

Any additional questions should be directed to Monica Smith, Lead Safe Coordinator for the Department of Neighborhoods, at 419-245-3179 or [email protected], or through the Contact Us form on this website.

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