If you received a lead-safe certificate under the previous ordinance, you are grandfathered under the new ordinance and do not have to do anything further. Your new lead-safe certificate should have already been mailed to you at the address you provided on your previous application with a new expiration date of 5 or 20 (in the case of full abatement) years from the ordinance’s date of passage. If you have not yet received your grandfathered certificate, please Contact Us and include the address of the unit.

If this property is no longer under your ownership, the new owner can transfer the certificate into their name before the expiration date by resubmitting the Lead-Safe Certificate Application with a $10 refiling fee.

If you had a Local Lead Inspection under the previous ordinance but did not receive a certificate, you can use that same clearance exam/lead report for your application. Prior inspections from 2016 forward will be honored. You do not have to complete this inspection again. You should contact the Local Lead Inspector you hired if you need a copy of their report.